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2017 Kombucha Share

by Cecil Creek Farm
Price $ 30.00

About:  Kombucha is a fermented tea flavored with natural fruit juice.  The fermentation creates a natural carbonation and sweet flavor without the extra sugar found in soda.  It is vegan, raw, gluten free and has no artificial coloring or flavors.

Health Benefits: Low in sugar, rich in probiotics, live enzymes and antioxidants.  This drink is great for your digestive and immune systems.

Price:  Growler – Free with the purchase of a share!

32 oz. Weekly/Bi-Weekly Share                        64 oz. Weekly/Bi-Weekly Share

    Winter: $210/$110 ($10/fill)                                 Winter: $378/$198 ($18/fill)

    Summer: $200/$100 ($10/fill)                              Summer: $360/$180 ($18/fill)

    Fall: $100/$50 ($10/fill)                                        Fall: $180/$90 ($18/fill)

    Annual: $408/$208 ($8/fill)                                  Annual: $765/$390 ($15/fill)

Length: Winter/Spring: 21 weeks/From the week of January 4th – May 24th

                Summer: 20 weeks / From May 31st - October 11th

                Fall: 10 weeks / From October 18th - December 20th

                Annual*: 51 weeks/ From January 4th - December 20th

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