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This is a question we get a lot. To be able to label our produce and be considered ‘Organic’ we need to be Certified Organic by the USDA. We are excited to announce that Cecil Creek Farm will have their land USDA Certified Organic in 2016 through our relationship with our sister farm, Summer Wind Farms.  Summer Wind Farm has been a certified organic farm since its inception. Although we will produce a few items conventionally (non-organic) using IPM (integrated pest management) practices to minimize the use of pesticides, those items are grown on a completely separate farm under Summer Wind oversight and control. The IPM crops include certain bunching greens like arugula and spinach along with certain root vegetables like carrots and radishes and we never use chemical insecticides on those crops. And we NEVER, EVER grow GMO crops! We have been growing by all of the organic principles to achieve our certification, using only natural techniques and chemical-free products for fertilization and pest control since the inception of the farm.  In fact, we focus on sustainable agriculture, healthy soils, and natural ecosystems, therefore many of our processes are above and beyond the ‘Organic Certification’ requirements.  If you have further questions about this, please reach out to Frank or Jannelle.  They will be glad to educate you on how Cecil Creek Farm works to give you a ‘better than organic’ experience.

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